Proven Track Record

Here are some of the highlights of my first term.  I have worked hard and will continue to work diligently to keep pushing LCUSD and our community to new heights.  

  • Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan.  I led the Board’s top-to-bottom review of all of the District’s physical facilities and infrastructure to allow for efficient allocation of resources over the short and long term.  This was an intense effort by the full Governing Board and District leadership, with tremendous community involvement, and will serve as a guide to the Board’s efforts over the next decade.  
  • Athletic Field Renovations.   As a former EMT and current AYSO Region 13 safety director, I was concerned with the dangerous state of the LCHS football field, and eager to find a cost efficient solution.  I led the District’s efforts to renegotiate our contract with a significant field user, LA Premier Football Club, to work out a mutually beneficial solution whereby LA Premier paid for a substantial amount of the field renovation.
  • Focused Technology Upgrades.   As the Board’s representative to the TRAC committee (and a software programmer and technology enthusiast), I led our efforts to create the position of Chief Technology Officer, elevate Jamie Lewsadder into that position, and work closely with Jamie to make technology infrastructure upgrades to enable fast wifi, 1:1 chromebooks, and to bring modern computer technology to the classroom.
  • Stanford University Challenge Success.  I am proud of the District’s forward-thinking involvement in Stanford’s Challenge Success program, aimed at creating a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for kids today to thrive in the world of tomorrow.  (visit for more information).  I led the Board’s investigation into the benefits of a later start time for teens, discussed the issue broadly with experts, parents, and educators, and worked with the District to modify the bell schedule to address all stakeholder concerns.  
  • Teacher Motivation and Morale.  It has been important to me to develop and maintain a mutually respectful relationship between the Governing Board and the La Canada Teachers Association in order to attract and retain excellent teachers.  We successfully worked through challenging salary negotiations, and in so doing strengthened that relationship to the benefit of the entire district and community.
  • Implementation of Common Core.   I helped advance the District’s efforts to educate the community about State and Federal laws mandating implementation of Common Core curriculum, and implemented a fair-minded process to obtain community feedback.  Our process led to a smooth transition in virtually all areas.  Where differences of opinion emerged between stake-holders, I led lengthy, open-floor meetings to determine what would be in the best interests of the students.
  • Extraordinary Academic Performance.  Despite the difficulties of transitioning to Common Core, working with new technology, and new California standardized testing, LCUSD has maintained its status as a top performing district in the State.   
  • Security and Emergency Response.  As a career prosecutor, it was important to me to work alongside District staff in conjunction with the L.A. County Sherriff’s department to update the security and emergency preparedness plans for each of the District locations. Our Facilities Master Plan includes additional improvements designed to strengthen our systems even further.  
  • Sagebrush.   I have worked with La Canada-Flintridge city officials and the Sagebrush community to facilitate the integration of Sagebrush residents into LCUSD in a cost-neutral manner that benefits the District by maintaining LCUSD enrollment levels and the tax base over the long term.
  • Music and Arts.  I strongly support the District’s efforts to expand and enhance its already high level music and arts programs, as other schools are cutting back in these areas to address funding challenges.  
  • STEM.  I am pleased that the District has responded to nationwide calls for greater attention to education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  With my kids at various points in their education in the District, I see the impact of an emphasis on STEM at all levels.
  • Campus Beautification.  In recognition of the way in which a clean, well-maintained environment enhances school pride and learning, I worked with the District to identify building repainting and high impact maintenance projects that could be accomplished while the district finalized the longer term Facilities Master Plan.